Homework – June 8

I admit that the most important local-global implications of what we discussed today came up in a conversation I had with Rob after touring the pedestal of Lady Liberty.  Rob and I discussed how school librarians often identify only in their “local” context, meaning the four walls that make up their school library.  If its not in the library, then they often feel they can’t do librarianship.  Rather, what school librarians are supposed to do is connect people with their information needs and this often requires school librarians to do librarianship outside of their local place.  This means that they need to use other institutions, resources, and people not necessarily associated with the school in order to help make curricular connections with students and teachers.  Rob and I began to discuss ideas as to how to develop a study away that helps students think about the world as a library.

Relatedly, the experiences that we’ve had this week have helped inform me and Rob’s discussion of this study away.  He and I discussed how we could help students make connections to the experiences we’ve had this week so that they could develop educational materials that fulfill the standards that they are responsible to teach at their grade level.  Then, students could do the same with resources in their local community.


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