Just how different are we really?

Reflecting on the experiences of the past two day exploring the tenement museum I am reminded that as we each live our lives there are certain aspects that we all seem to yearn for.  When thinking about how to use the tenement experience in my study away, the most powerful piece would be to connect the commonalities between today and yesterday.  The power in this experience is that life moves forward, but seldom does it change.  Yes, day to day lives changed in what they did, but wants and needs remain constant.  I think this same sentiment holds true in the globalized world too.  As I look at this picture of my daughter holding a child in Zanzibar, Africa I am reminded that although they are half way around the earth, what the parents of this small child want for her is the same thing that we here in the western world want for our children.

Our greatest relationships/connections are built when we understand and appreciate how we are the same and value how we are different.



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