Rethinking What We Already Do

After the last two days of discussion, I have been rethinking the trips we currently take with our students…how could they become study aways? How could we learn more bout the communities we visit? How could these experiences be more impactful?

Washington, D.C. – we take our sophomore ACES on a three-day trip to Washington, D.C. During this time we visit schools, the White House, Arlington Cemetery, and have free time to explore the city. We learn a bit about the schools and their communities when we visit, but how could we explore those communities more in-depth and better prepare students before the trip to understand the city and its people?

Winston-Salem – our juniors complete a day of service in one of three Winston-Salem Schools. Could we include more history of each school and the population it serves? Maybe a Zoom Chat with someone from the school who is also familiar with the community?

Ocracoke Island – senior ACES travel to Ocracoke for professional development seminars at the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, NCCAT. They also learn about the island from Alton Ballance, a native Ocracoker. This trip is more of a study away than our other trips, because we do learn about the place and the people we visit. We could have our students better prepare for the trip by reading a few chapters in Alton’s book, Ocracokers, and discussing it in our pre-trip meeting.



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