So what is the need?


As I sit here after a day of walking around New York City, I am amazed at the potential for our students to have experiences that broaden their world views.  Life is so intricately interwoven that if we fail to acknowledge connections between individuals and communities, we are limiting ourselves to one insignificant perspective.

After our conversation I would like to consider putting together a program that would support faculty first.  As the Service Learning Coordinator for the C & I Department my task is to help strengthen our elementary ed. program. I really like the idea of building community first within our faculty and then the overall impact on our students would be enhanced by each members commitment.  We have had significant changes in our department recently and having a shared goal, one related directly to the students, I believe would help to move our program forward.    Right now our service program is fragmented, without one clear goal, therefore coming together as a unit to establish expectations and structures for student involvement would create a more cohesive experience for both faculty and student.



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