Local to Global Implications

What are local to global implications of what we discussed today? What ideas are beginning to form with regard to your own study away project?

Here are a few ideas:

History of Psychology:

Idea #1: Take students to NYC to see the Darwin exhibit at the Natural History Museum ( to learn about the “functional” school of Psychology), Ellis Island (to learn about the unethical intelligence testing that occurred), Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital.

Idea #2: Visit Akron, Ohio, where there is a Center for the History of Psychology, that includes a museum and an archives. Student could learn history and engage in historical research. This option would not be as exciting as NYC, but it would be more relevant to class.

Conservation Psychology:

NYC experience to compare rural vs. urban sustainability. Ideally this will be a service-learning course where students could work at community gardens, food pantries, etc.

Child & Adolescent Psychology

NYC experience to learn about child development. This would also ideally be a service-learning course where students would work with community partners devoted to families.

Contemporary Issues in Psychology

This is a senior capstone course and could be develop on any current Psychology topic.  Th advantage of this course is that it would involve seniors.

Psychology Faculty Study Away

Lead a study away modeled like the one we’re on now, except that I would tailor it more specifically for Psychology.

Graduate Student Study Away (maybe for the grad school?)

I would  want to do this  with my colleagues who are part of the sustainable food collaborative on campus. The purpose of the study away would be to expose graduate students to 1.) the concepts of sustainable food, comparing rural and urban issues, 2.) the value of interdisciplinary collaborations, 3.) the practice of fostering interdisciplinary relationship.



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