Leadership–Building Bridges

I want to know more about what’s involved in building sustainable communities.  Using this knowledge,  I plan to design domestic study away experiences supporting adult leadership candidates in learning about and applying sustainable community concepts to their school leadership work. Engaging adult leadership candidates in study-away activities could, hopefully, lead to greater commitment to continuous and positive support of all cultural groups.

Students who attend schools that operate as positive learning communities often feel as if adults care about them and also tend to “relax into” learning and achievement as the focus of their “work” at school.  Vibrant, supportive learning communities can be sustained when adults work together deliberately to build organizational structures and cultures supporting all students.

The study-away program I plan to design will focus on using the New York Loft and area resources for cultural studies.  How does one lead in developing sustainable learning communities supportive of all cultural groups?  This is the focus on my research during our faculty study-away in June.


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