Roma’s Community Post

My first study away experience at the NYC Loft was in 2013 with graduate students from three programs of the Leadership and Educational Studies Department. Pictured is our first group. During this trip we worked as a community of learners focused on the implications of immigration for our own professional work as leaders in higher education, community colleges, schools, and libraries. We considered an assumption that issues appearing in the larger community (macrocosm) also appear in similar proportion in smaller communities (microcosms).  Working through collaborative partnerships, leaders can find ways to aid communities and organizations in finding solutions to issues and thus promote healthier learning and living environments.

With our faculty study this year I am hoping to learn more about the factors involved in building and sustaining healthy communities.  In addition, I hope to learn more about how communities might provide for the human needs of survival (physical and emotional), success (intellectual), and transcendency (spiritual).  See Maslow 2.0, version 2.10.07;


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